Why sponsor the 2018 Frontiers Spotlight Conference?


Connect with the neuroscience elite – showcase your company to the world’s top brain experts, from academics and surgeons to innovators and entrepreneurs

See the future – discover the latest on decoding the brain, creating super intelligence, AI and more

Change the world – become part of the new reality where brain augmentation enhances everybody’s quality of life


The 2018 Frontiers Spotlight Conference brings together a unique group of people from diverse fields and industries – all with a common interest in enhancing sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive brain functions.

Exhibiting at the conference connects you with consumers, potential partners and new talents from this exciting world. It’s the perfect place to showcase your brand, your products and your solutions.

Join the world’s biggest neuroscience players – and make your mark on the future of brain augmentation!

Please get in touch with us at spotlight.sponsor@frontiersin.org.