The Spotlight Award

Each year, an outstanding Research Topic article collection is selected as winner of the Frontiers Spotlight Award. The winning team of Topic Editors receives $100,000 to organize an international scientific conference on the theme of their successful Research Topic.

About Research Topics

Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections published around specialized themes. They are fully open and accessible, bringing together leading researchers from different institutions, locations and fields of interest.

Suggest a Research Topic 

Contact the Frontiers Editorial Office using the form below and our team will guide you through the process.

Organizing a Research Topic is free. If your idea is accepted you will become a Topic Editor and be in with the chance of winning $100,000 to host your own conference.

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Entry criteria 

Every Research Topic that closes within the award period (one calendar year), and is completed with at least 10 articles, will be considered for the Spotlight Award.

Spotlight Award 2019

Research Topics finalized by December 31, 2018 will be eligible for the 2019 Frontiers Spotlight Award. The winning Research Topic will be announced in 2019 and the conference hosted in 2020.


Judging process

Shortlisted entries will be evaluated based on the following considerations:

  • Academic excellence

  • Frontiers’ article-level impact metrics

  • Frontiers’ author-level impact metrics

  • Altmetric score

  • Interdisciplinary reach

  • International reach

  • Subject novelty

The Jury of Frontiers’ Editorial Board members will choose the final winning Research Topic.