2018 Conference

Professors Lebedev, Opris and Casanova won the 2017 Spotlight Award for their Research Topic on the augmentation of brain function.

Their conference - Limitless! Augmentation of Brain Function - will take place from September 19-21, 2018 at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. The event will explore the latest findings in cognition augmentation and the future of brain enhancement.

The augmentation of brain function is fast becoming a reality in our daily lives. Moving beyond clinical applications - such as treatment of neurodegenerative diseases - the augmentation of brain function now increasingly proposes enhancements for quality-of-life. These could be related to sensory, motor or cognitive brain functions or even our mood and emotions.


Frontiers Spotlight Conference

The Frontiers Spotlight Conference brings together academics from around the world and provides a forum to collaborate, inspire and highlight groundbreaking research.

The theme for the conference is chosen by the winners of the Frontiers Spotlight Award and based on their successful Research Topic. They receive US $100,000 to organize their event in Switzerland with support from the Frontiers Events Management Team.