Frontiers Spotlight Award

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Each year, an outstanding Research Topic article collection is selected as winner of the Frontiers Spotlight Award. The award supports emerging and important fields of research and encompasses article collections from Frontiers’ full editorial program: life sciences, health, physical sciences and engineering, humanities and social sciences, and sustainability.

The most active, collaborative and impactful Research Topics from the last year are shortlisted and then the Jury, drawn from members of the Frontiers Editorial Board, is tasked with choosing the final winner.

The winning team of Topic Editors receives US $100,000 to organize an international scientific conference on the theme of their successful Research Topic.

Frontiers Research Topics

Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections published around specialized themes. They bring together leading researchers from different institutions, locations and fields of interest, who collaborate and contribute articles.

Published on Frontiers’ award-winning platform, Research Topics are fully open and accessible, and become highly visible collections of work, enhancing both the readership and citations of articles.

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